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f welcoming the best and brightest from around the world since the middle of the last century.

"I'm deeply troubled that many around the globe now perceive America as being less welcoming to talented students and researchers," Coleman said.NEW DESTINATIONSWang Han (an alias used to avoid visa problems), a senior at USTC, chose the University of

Nottingham in the U.K. for his summer exchange program this year over a U.S. university.Going to study in the U.S. used to be almost like a tradition, Wang said, as sen

iors who went● there always passed on their experiences about the application process and


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information with younger students.A report by the U.S.-based Institute of International Education showed U.S. colleges and universities registered more than 363,0

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00 Chinese students in the 2017-2018 academic year, making up about a third of the international student body. China has become the largest source of in

ternational students for nine consecutive years in the U.S.Wang said his decision to choose a British university is, to some degree, affected by the current China-U.S. relations.According to New Oriental Education and Technology G

roup, China's major English training agency, some of the U.S. university tours it organized have been canceled as customers withdrew from the trips fo

llowing the visa alert.A 2019 report by EIC Education, a major overseas educational counseling service provider in China, showed 20.14 percent of the su

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